Ideas for Sharing Bedroom with Baby

If you are sharing your bedroom with your baby, either because there are no more rooms or because you want to spend more time with your little bundle of joy, there are many useful ideas you can implement to make the most out of the space. These ideas can make you feel the space is still yours, while adding a few nursery related touches.

The first thing you would need to do is to choose the color palette for the room. If the space is not too big, the best idea is to paint the room in a very light and neutral color. Light colors give an impression of a bigger, more spacious room, and, at the same time, they look beautiful as a background for a room shared with a baby. It would be very elegant, and you will not feel like the room is childlike. Take into consideration it is still your room, and at some point the baby will be upgraded to another one.

Ideas for Sharing the Bedroom with the Baby

In the same sense, try to keep the room as simple as possible. This translates into less accessories or unnecessary ornaments. That way, the room would not look cluttered and you would feel the space is bigger. This might not be as easy as you think, considering you need storage space both for you and the baby. However, there are many ideas to organize your room, like having a drawer under the bed or the crib or using a space to place racks on the wall to display things like books or even baby clothes. Regarding decoration, it would be ideal to have items that are not only decorative, but also functional. Therefore, you have some accents to make your room more lively and beautiful without having too many accessories in it. In terms of furniture, you might also want to keep inside the room only the pieces that are necessary. For instance, the rocking chair could be in the living room instead of crammed up in the bedroom.

Ideas for Sharing the Bedroom with the Baby

If, on the other hand, you have no problem with storage space, and have a big closet outside the room where you can organize your things, you can have a better use for the closet inside the room. It looks really cool and beautiful to clear the space inside the room closet to build a mini nursery to place the baby’s crib. The good thing about this is that you can paint the inside of the closet with a totally different theme that the one used in your room, so you and your baby can be really close, without compromising too much on your room’s decoration.

Ideas for Sharing the Bedroom with the Baby Ideas for Sharing the Bedroom with the Baby Ideas for Sharing the Bedroom with the Baby Ideas for Sharing the Bedroom with the Baby Ideas for Sharing the Bedroom with the Baby

In a situation like this, you might still want to keep a bit of privacy, and there are a few ideas to achieve this. First, you could add some curtains between your bed and the baby’s crib. Even if you do not place opaque, solid curtains, and you opt for some sheer ones, the effect would be about the same. You will feel like you have your own space, while you are very close to the crib in case your baby wakes up crying in the middle of the night. Another great idea is to create two different spaces using furniture. Big, bulky furniture could function as a space divider. You could place your bed in the middle of the room facing a window, against a tall dresser, and then place the crib on the other side of that dresser. This will also give you a sense of privacy inside your own room.

Ideas for Sharing the Bedroom with the Baby

Even if you are not adding any space separator between your bed and the crib, you can have some visual dividers that would make the room look nicer and more organized. A nice, neutral rug is a great way to divide space visually. At the same time, having this kind of material on the floor will help you walk around your room without waking the baby up. It is also a great idea to have a baby corner. Choose a side or corner in your room and place the crib there. Around the crib, you can decorate the space like a nursery, with toys, and stuffed animals or any kind of baby wall art. That way, the rest of the room can have a decoration theme fitted for an adult. If you are choosing this option it might be a good idea to have a decoration link between both sides. A very cute idea is to match the fabric of the crib’s bedding with the fabric used to wrap a headboard behind the bed, while keeping the adult’s bedding all white.

One of the most important pieces of furniture in a nursery is the changing station. When you have separate nursery, there is no problem to have an appropriate piece of furniture for this purpose. However, when space is somehow a concern because, the changing station could take a turn. You can resort to many other options that are perfect for changing the baby. First, you could buy a crib with a built-in changing station. This could save some space because everything is now in one piece of furniture. In addition, this type of crib has some drawers to store the baby’s clothes and diapers. Second, you could use an old dresser and condition the surface as a changing station, while still using the rest of the space as storage. For this option, you should choose a dresser with the appropriate height, so you can be comfortable when changing the baby.

the changing station

the changing station

Moreover, a fold down changing station could be installed on the wall. That way, you are saving a lot of space, and you only put it down when you are going to use it. It is a good idea to paint it in a color matching the rest of the decoration, since it might serve as wall art as well. The last option is to have a portable changing station, which you can store inside a closet, and then place in the middle of the room when needed.

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Ideas for Sharing the Bedroom with the Baby Ideas for Sharing the Bedroom with the Baby Ideas for Sharing the Bedroom with the Baby Ideas for Sharing the Bedroom with the Baby Ideas for Sharing the Bedroom with the Baby Ideas for Sharing the Bedroom with the Baby Ideas for Sharing the Bedroom with the Baby

Ideas for Sharing the Bedroom with the Baby

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